As of a few weeks ago, the BinderExtension class in the wix extensibility model has taken on a new meaning. If you currently have a BinderExtension, you will need to rename it to BinderFileManager. Over the past year or so, numerous requests came in to give WixExtensions access to data and bind time to pull disperate data together or get access to data only available at bind time.

For example, if I have a custom table where I need to know the exports of all my native dll's and I want this table to be populated dynamically by wix, I would need to have access to populate my table after files are resolved. With the new BinderExtension class, this is now possible.

Key Changes:

What used to be called BinderExtension was renamed to BinderFileManager. The BinderFileManager handles things specific to a files, mainly file resolution and comparison. Only one instance of a BinderFileManager can be present in the WixExtensions passed to the wix tools and is commonly used in an extension specific to a build environment.

It is now possible to have a BinderExtension defined in each WixExtension passed to the command line tools. This allows you to:

1. Link disperate data associated with compile time language extensions. It essentially enables extensions to make additional decisions that the WiX linker cant do for you because it doesnt natively support your language extension. Once the linker has pulled all the data together, it may be neccessary for you to read that data and populate additional tables.

2. Populate tables with bind time data such as information from files which are resolved during bind.
 In my series abut writing WixExtensions, I plan to show an example of this functionality. I plan to pick that series back up soon.